Organic Tear

Taking a moment, listening what spirit is communicating to me allows, myself to experience what my life is expressing through my environment.

You see, I have been growing a small group of vegetables in small planters pots and moving them quietly during the day where the sun can meet their growth.

As I move them I am allowing the sun to feed my SOUL too, allowing for my continued expansion within pure Organic Love.

A tear fall from eyes, as I allow my Heart to greet you in nature’s Organismic Love.


Expressions by Renee Robbins Grevious



Purity in heart

Quality of love

We are reaching for you somewhere above the clouds

Lifting you up among the greater roots of the trees that stand in front of you

A stream of light cradles me between their essence

Spinning, twirling slowly I am grasping the speed

I am dancing in the wind

I am free to become whatever I choose

I choose to just


Crystal Cold Morning



Flashes of Inspiration truth

Where have you disappeared to?

I’m up early listening, pen in my hand, waiting!

It’s a crystal cold morning

Wrapped in layers, pondering on thoughts

Where is the spark?

Did I wonder too far away, not knowing?

I would find myself again alone in a crystal cold awakening

I am still here, searching for a sound or a touch to reconnect

To the vivid dreams of purple, green, and gold swirled

Images of a black structured chair, decorated with shells and crystals

I’ll take my seat

Everyone else is still asleep

I am up

There’s a bright light, outside my door

I find myself outside looking up where black has illuminated clusters of sparkles

Standing in a spell now in its presence


Its crystal cold morning

I run back inside, where warmth is more familiar to me

I’m anticipating your return to dream again

To write

Copyright@2017 Renee Robbins Grevious

Wakening Up

A Great  Return

Sometimes just being right where you are in the now

Is the moment that you realize

that the only truth of the matter there is


What are you going to do about that?


Love all of YOU!!!!!!



Life Baggage

The lady with all of the bags and riding her bike showed up again today.

I watched her through my living room window, but this time I went to open the door and

greeted her with a warm smile and wave as she continued on her journey.

I was thankful that I had an opportunity to get to know about her struggles, losses and her courage to move forward in her life.

I am thankful for her wisdom, that she brought with her every time we had a opportunity to counsel each other.

“Farewell, my friend. I love you”, I shouted out and  closed the door.


Renee Robbins Grevious

I new it was TIME

0824161444a0824161225These past week days , WOW!! My energy felt like I had been sucked inside out. All I had wanted to do did not become reality, I knew that I was entering into a place where I had to release all that I had again become familiar with. It was time to leave all baggage behind and travel light. I wanted to go to the store and pick up cleaning supplies for cleaning my house. I wanted to prepare some cornbread with my new purchase of Spelt flour and cornmeal, it did not happen. I had become tired from my own thoughts and expectations, I found a place where nature showed up and out and I began to show up greater in my own life and share my journey with you. Yes, you!

So, I stepped out to a place within my home, my screen in sun porch. This was a place where I can go and not leave my home, a place where  nature would simply show up with its messages. Here are pictures of who presented themselves to me as I open the door and let myself out for a breath of fresh air.


Gecko Wisdom

Don’t be in a hurry to get somewhere! Slow down and look for clues that are right in front of you.


Grasshopper Wisdom

Great leaps forward can be made in an instant. GO!!!!!



I hear you, your words and confusion fully in exchange without a true purpose and expressions of ill feelings and gaps between time that makes no sense. I hear your hurts, distance from your truth, unexplained knowing that somehow what you do and fell aren’t leveling up. I hear your exchange of colors fused with delight, swirl of color sherbet, mixed……….smooth0729161235